11/29/21 Monthly Support Group


Coaches Maggie & Kate, Gwen, Gail, Kourtney, Alicia

Topics covered:

  • How weight loss surgery can affect how you see yourself, and how you may think, behave, and respond to others
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Identity struggles
  • Living for health and not a specific weight

Chat group references:

  • Dermatome map:
Dermatome Map – Learn EM


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  1. I just viewed the 11/29/21 Monthly group session, and found a lot of feelings of belonging There were some topics such as compliments causing a feeling of uncomfortableness and the wearing of clothes to large because I don’t like having people notice my weight loss. I have actually lost 20 pounds on my own waiting for my surgery date.
    I really am beginning to feel comfortable with the group.
    With working nights I might only get to do replays however I am still getting the help with dealing with and knowing t am not the only one.

    1. We’re so happy having you here @Jkail ! We know that night shifts can make it tough with our current support group schedule. Are there certain days or times of the week that would work for your schedule?

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