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Your Guide To (Finally) Overcoming Post-Operative Weight Regain

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What You'll Get:

3 nutritional videos that will teach you what foods to eat, how much, and why it’s important to do so.

Bariatric resources and guidelines backed by the ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery).

Daily action items that will throttle your desired goals into ACTION.

Recipes, meal prep, and cookbook ideas to give you fresh inspiration in the kitchen.

Encouraging support and connection with others on a similar health & wellness journey in our Private Facebook Group

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About Your Host

Hi there! My name is Kate Fuss and I am a Bariatric Surgical Physician Assistant, Bariatric Health Coach, and founder of Banana Bariatrics, LLC. 

I will be your host for this 5 Day Nutritional Masterclass open to weight loss surgery patients typically > 6 months out from surgery on a regular diet.

Many members inside our free Facebook Group (Bariatric Weight Loss Support Group) and Banana Bariatrics (our paid membership support group) have struggled with weight regain after surgery. In fact, ~30% of patients after WLS experience regain. It’s common! 

To address this, we’ve created a FREE 5 Day Nutritional Masterclass to help you feel back on track and living the life you’ve always wanted without having to do something drastic like going back on the liver shrink diet or liquid diet cleanses.

Again, our Nutritional Masterclass is completely FREE, so don’t be shy or a fly on the wall. Come on in and join us!

Have a Question?

Ideally, yes. Our Nutritional Masterclass is geared toward WLS patients who have been accustomed to a regular bariatric phased diet for > 3 months and have weathered through the expected weight stalls that typically occur right after surgery. If you are > 6 months out from surgery (or are years out, as a veteran) and feel like no matter what you do… no matter how hard you try… you still can’t break through your plateau or are now battling weight regain, this Nutritional Masterclass is right for you!

The challenge will kick off on Monday August 22, 2022 inside a private “pop up” Facebook Group. There will be daily posts with links to the appropriate videos and accountability assignments for you every day that week from Monday through Friday. Account for spending no more than 30 minutes on each daily assignment.

No catch, this is completely free!

The best gift you can give to us in return is support and connection with others also participating in the Masterclass. Send some positive vibes, high-fives, and words of encouragement to others who are also working on their nutritional goals.

Better yet, use some of the social links below to spread the word to your other bariatric buddies so they can join with you!

If you enjoy the camaraderie you feel with others during the Masterclass, we encourage you to explore joining our (paid) membership support group Banana Bariatrics. Many members from inside Banana participate in our Masterclasses, so be sure to look out for them and chat with them about joining. We know you’ll love it!

Nope! Just a positive attitude!

We’ll provide videos, daily accountability assignments, and worksheets for you in a digital format that you can view directly online and print from the comfort of your own home.

However, with that said – if you’re an artsy person- feel free to let your inner child shine by using fun colored pens, planner stickers… whatever you’d like! As long as you take a picture and share with us your artwork!! 🤩

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We Start August 22nd! Enter your details below to join us: