What Is Banana Bariatrics?

Banana is an online bariatric support community focused on helping weight loss surgery patients navigate weight regain and general struggles after bariatric surgery through weekly support groups, educational courses, and family-style friendships with others on a similar health journey.

What’s Inside?

Banana Bariatrics is founded on 3 important pillars:

1. Support
2. Connection
3. Education


With *5+* support groups per month, we are committed to ensuring members have ample opportunities to feel supported, educated (by bariatric clinicians), and part of a bariatric community family.

We know life can be chaotic and stressful at times, so support group replays are always recorded and housed in our Replay vault on the website.

Support groups are lighthearted, casual, and fun! Most importantly, they are positive, inspiring, and up-lifting.


Banana conveys POSITIVE vibes (only).

Regardless of where a member is on their weight loss surgery journey, they will find connection, mentorship, and friendship inside Banana.

Banana is small, intimate, and focused on closed connection- family style.

And if members are up for a little bit of FUN + ACCOUNTABILITY, we encourage them to join one our Banana Teams! Each Season, we pair members onto small Teams, motivate them with weekly health & wellness challenges, and have them chasing our weekly Leaderboard to win the beloved Seasonal Banana Trophies!


If members are looking for educational support, ASMBS bariatric guideline reminders, or health and wellness resources to explore, we encourage them to explore our content Library Vault on the website.

One of the key components of our Library is our Back On Track Program. This is our 3 month weight management program for those struggling with weight plateaus or regain.

Three times a year, we also offer Mini Masterclasses along the topics of Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness; all accessible as mini-courses inside Banana for active members.

We also have a comprehensive Nutritional Masterclass that will bring members back to the basics of bariatric eating and guideline reminders.

In addition, Banana also drops weekly content in our Banana Blog as well as offering continuous access to educational videos, workbooks, resources, and downloadable PDFs!

As you can see, there’s A LOT packed inside Banana Bariatrics!

Why Banana?

Banana Coaches:

Kate Fuss, PA-C is a Surgical Residency trained Physician Assistant from Yale / Norwalk hospitals in Connecticut. She obtained her Masters of Medical Science at Wake Forest School of Medicine in NC.

Kate has over 10 years of clinical and operative experience in Bariatrics, General, and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. She additional obtained a Board Certified as a Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management.

Her passion lies in serving weight loss surgery patients throughout their entire operative journey. She carries a special interest in serving those struggling with post-operative weight regain and believes in a whole foods nutritional approach for overall health and wellness.

When Kate has extra time on her hands, she enjoys pouring it inside Banana, being present with her daughter and husband, and traveling the world with her family to experience new cultures and cuisines.

Kyle Rose, RD, LD is the founder of Bariatric Dietitian Services. He graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Institutional Administration. Kyle also completed his Dietetic Internship at Texas Woman’s University.

Together with his team, BDS provides direct Bariatric Dietetic support to members inside Banana.

Kyle’s passion for nutrition stemmed from a medical diagnosis (discovered during his time in the Navy) that was only manageable with nutritional intervention. It was this life-changing condition that opened his eyes to the role that nutrition plays in health and disease and inspired him to learn how to use nutrition to improve the health and well being of others.

Kyle believes in treating patients like family and will do anything and everything in his power to ensure they receive the care they deserve. To this end, Kyle takes full responsibility for patient care and encourages patients to always contact him directly with any questions or concerns they may have.

Looking To Connect?

We’d be delighted to hear from you!

Simply email Kate at: [email protected]