Are You Making Sure To Save Time Each Week To Recharge And Rejuvenate?

When was the last time you used a Sunday to simply rest and relax?

For me… it’s felt like ages.

So this past Sunday, I left my phone in random places around the house on the Mute setting (so I wouldn’t be tempted to check in on it) and spent as much quality time as I could with my family.

Despite my best intentions, I did get busted once, checking my emails. But that was it…. I promise!

Here’s photo proof of a Sunday well spent:

We laid a blanket on the floor, threw down some pillows, toys, books, and “Woofie” and watched Sesame Street for an hour as a family.

Then, after putting my daughter to bed for her nap, my husband and I lounged on an actually comfortable piece of furniture upstairs and ordered DoorDash for lunch.

And then we napped.


We napped.

It was glorious.

Now, let me ask you: How long has it been since you’ve dedicated a day to TRUE self-care?

A few days?

Maybe a week or two?

Or… are you scratching your head about what “self-care” should even look like?

Inside Banana Bariatrics (our membership support group), we made an entire 5 Day Mindset Masterclass to learn how to:

  • Practice being “selfish” in order to recommit to your health goals
  • Avoid being the “Yes” person to everyone all of the time
  • Navigate food temptation in social settings with helpful tips
  • Master your brain and breathing to control your cravings
  • Create a daily habit of reflection and action for your mindset goals

Some of the common barriers that came up in the Masterclass from others (with my feedback) included:


  1. I always feel like I have to be doing something “productive” which does not include I’m taking time for me. >>> Tell yourself that “me time” is productive in itself!
  2. I’m not really sure what taking time for myself even means. >>> Prioritizing time for you and your needs actually starts with how you speak to yourself. Acknowledge the power of your thoughts and mindsetWhen you have a ‘Trigger Thought’ such as; “Life is hard…,” end the sentence with “BUT” and then add an “I am” statement to help you learn how to speak more positively to yourself. For example; “Life is hard, BUT… I am ….going to get back on track…FOR ME.”
  3. I feel guilty if I don’t put others before myself. >>> Play out the scenario of the reverse. What is your fear? How would they respond? How would you respond in the same scenario?
  4. I don’t have a problem prioritizing myself, but I often lack motivation to do so. >>> What do you do to prioritize yourself? Try to lower / reduce the barrier(s) getting in the way. Screen for thoughts that are telling you that “things are hard.” You are strong. You are capable of doing hard things. Think of 1 scenario where that is true!
  5. Those around me act like I live to serve them. >>> Start by physically leaving the house. Go to a workout class for an hour. Being completely unplugged and unavailable so they don’t see you and they can’t contact you.
  6. Even when I feel awful, I’m still doing stuff around the house for others. I feel guilty when I’m not productive or helping others. >>> Remember: you can’t pour from any empty cup (or a broken one!). You can serve others and be your best self if you’re neglecting your own health and needs.

The TOP TIPS from this specific day in the Masterclass were:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Leave the house altogether or physically remove yourself from others
  • Tell yourself directly; “I deserve to have ‘me’ time.”
  • Time for YOU will help you de-stress and better handle stressors at home / in your immediate environment
  • Set work boundaries- make time to eat, use the bathroom, and leave on time
  • Tell yourself“I am important and I need to take care of myself.”
  • Schedule workouts into your calendar every day

Before you go, I’d like to ask you 2 specific questions:

How do YOU experience self-care?

How do you fill up your own cup?

Comment below!

As an active member inside Banana, you’ll receive immediate access to the entire 5 Day Mindset Masterclass as well as additional Masterclasses that we launch throughout the year.

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