Coach Kate’s Split 03/15/2022


Carmelita, Nicole, Dianna, and Bob


  • Meal Prep
  • My Fitness Pal tips & tricks
  • Recipe ideas
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Macronutrients
  • Tummy tucks & panniculectomies
  • Personal wins / non-scale victories



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  1. The idea of food being “good or bad” has more to do with the thoughts we associate with the foods than the foods themselves. I look at food as fuel. What kind of fuel am I putting in my body? Healthy or entertainment food.

    1. Mindset is such a powerful piece when it comes to our relationship with food. I like how you make it a simple question to ask yourself. It puts the quality of the food you’re having into a quick perspective.

  2. Meal Prep for me basically means I just have things ready to go, so I guess I always end up doing it automatically. I have the same protein shake every morning. My lunch bag is prepared the night before. Typically a greek yogurt or hard boiled eggs, sliced peppers, sometimes oatmeal, raisin/nut/cheese snackpack, and a protein shake. This bag has my lunch and all my snacks to get me through the work day. I get home and make another coffee protein, walk Bear, feed Bear, and then have my own dinner. Usually a frozen meal for simplicity. This has me eating throughout the day and that is my priority. I have always flipped weeks eating foods to mix up my metabolism. Ex. Some weeks I won’t have dairy, some weeks I won’t have any breads, etc.

  3. #replay
    I think that myfitnesspal is a great tool to keep track of your eating. It cuts down on mindless eating. However, I use Baritastic because it it tailored to bariatric patients. I find it is a better app for post op patients.

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