Coach Kate’s Split 06/14/22

Curious of how to order healthy items off a Fast Food or Restaurant menu?

In tonight’s support group, Coach Kate goes behind the scenes with each of the following menus, sharing her 2 cents on how to approach ordering and modifying menu items to stay healthy and on track of your health goals:

  • (00:38) Chick-Fil-A
  • (12:40) Wendy’s
  • (22:53) Mexican restaurant
  • (31:39) Chipotle
  • (35:14) Potbelly’s
  • (42:00) Longhorn Steakhouse
  • (46:45) Texas Roadhouse
  • (51:24) Taco Bell


What is your favorite fast food / restaurant, and how do you make your order healthy?

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  1. Mine is Texas Roadhouse, I typically get a Dallas Filet and Steamed Broccoli. I am not a fast food eater in general. Any of it makes me feel bloated.

  2. I would choose Mexican. We have only eaten in a restaurant 5 times since Covid. I always order the chicken fajitas with lettuce and extra salsa-not rice. ( can’t handle rice since VSG) No tortillas. I make my own salad with the ingredients. I use salsa as a dressing.

  3. My favorite restaurants out of the ones listed are, chipotle, Texas Roadhouse. Potbelly looks good but there’s not one close to me. Wendy’s was very eye opening for me!

  4. My favorite fast food is Wendy’s (cup of chili), Chick Filet (grilled chicken nuggets, as an absolute last resort, Taco Bell Chicken power bowl with no rice. If I go Mediterranean I get a side Greek salad, no dressing and a side of Shish Kafka.

  5. #replay. I’m glad I like to cook because eating out is difficult…especially fast food. I choose a steakhouse or seafood restaurant. I order protein and a veggie.

  6. We like to go to the Texas Roadhouse steakhouse and we usually don’t even get appetizers and we share a meal between the both of us, picking a house salad as an extra side.

  7. Wow. Didn’t realize how much unhealthy food is out there. Now I have backup for always telling my husband I want to go to a steak house!!
    I like to get a good steak with either mushrooms as my side or asparagus. I don’t do a lot of fast food as it always seems to sit heavy. Thank you Kate for reviewing this!

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