Coach Kate’s Split 5/4/2022

Take a deep dive look at what’s hiding inside Coach Kate’s freezer in her Part 2 of the Kitchen Tour.


Kristin, Alicia, Kriste, Marae, Bob, Dianna, Lee Anne, Carmelita, Nicole, Danna


  • Frozen fruit & veggies
  • Vegetable medley packs
  • Seafood (Mahi mahi, salmon)
  • Protein (beef, chicken)
  • Meal prepping ideas with chicken and beef
  • Pantry staples:
    • Condiments, non-perishables, beans
    • Baking ingredients
    • Nuts
    • Marinades / sauces
  • Chocolate brands mentioned on the call: Lily’s and Bouchard Dark Belgian Chocolate 72% Cacao



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