Coach Maggie’s Split 11/17/21

Topic: Gratitude

Attendees: Ryin, Gwen, Nicole, Carmelita, Jaimie Gail

Homework: Post in Coach Maggie’s Group

  1. 10 minutes / week to write what you’re grateful for
  2. List 3 things / day of what you’re grateful for

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  1. – 42:00 @KMikesell I can relate to your feelings around being laid off. I’ve been laid off from a job before myself and it’s definitely a whirlwind of emotions; shock, confusion, anger, embarrassment, and insecurity hit you like a wave in the beginning…

    But, as strong as those feelings were at first, I was equally hit with feelings of relief and the metaphorical sense of weight coming off my chest.

    There were definitely lessons learned from the experience I personally went through, but it also opened up my eyes to how stifled, restricted, and defeated the job had made me feel.

    I was getting hung up on my identity being wrapped up in that job- as if having or not having the job defined whether I was “good” or “bad,”… “worthy” or “unworthy,”…. “a good employee” or a “bad employee.”

    When you zoom out and look at those adjectives outside the context of employment, you can see the disconnection. Our job(s) do not define us. WE are in control of how we define ourselves.

    When I was able to accept that, I looked at that transitional phase as an opportunity to choose (!) a job that would bring me passion, enjoyment, appreciation, respect, acknowledgment, and room to grow in my career with support and guidance.

    I also took that time to take it in that it was going to be just a phase. A temporary phase. And sure enough, before I knew it (just like what will happen to you @KMikesell ), employers and job opportunities were popping up with imminent start dates, and I then found myself thinking… SHOOT! This down time is going away too quickly!! Ha!

    All of this to say…

    You are worthy. You are a strong employee. Who you are as a person is NOT defined by the job title that you have. While the downtime may seem uncertain and stressful, find confidence that a BETTER job will come into your life at the right time. So for now, continue your job searching but see this time as a temporary vacation!! Do what you LOVE. Try something new that invests in bettering yourself- that makes you feel GOOD.

    Your next job is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you when the timing and job all align!!

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