Accountability Buddy & Support System

Having the knowledge and education of what to do after weight loss surgery is 50% of the battle. The other 50% lies in the action that comes with consistently implementing what you’ve learned throughout this Nutritional Masterclass.

Now, we get it. We understand being consistent on a regular basis can be challenging, despite our best intentions. However, having a buddy or – more importantly – an entire bariatric FAMILY who offers encouraging, positive, and uplifting support can significantly amplify your long-term results when it comes to living a healthier and happier life after your weight loss surgery.

We don’t want you to struggle in solitude.

Check out this pretty awesome poem that member Kristin Ruby wrote about our small and intimate Banana family:

We don’t just “say” we’re a family. We mean it!

One of our members (who lives in Massachusetts) flew all the way to Ohio to meet some of her “Banana Besties.” This is the level of amazing connection and genuine support we foster inside Banana.

Check out some of the pictures from our first ever Banana get together!

We want YOU to join our family!!

Have a question, or want to speak with a current member? Simply email us at: [email protected]