Desperate To Get Back On Track, But Need A Healthier Mindset First?

Have you been looking to “reset?”

Are you feeling like you’re off the wagon (again)?

Are you feeling…
>> like your cravings are getting the best of you…?
>> proud of yourself for your weight loss but now terrified of your potential to self-sabotage your results…?
>> like you’re in a rut and lack motivation to move or eat healthfully…?

I was just there with all of those feelings.

[Okay.. so here I go. It’s time for a quick Debbie Downer story for just a quick minute ]

Before I share, quick disclaimer: I am genuinely beyond thankful that my loved ones and I are in good health.

Now- health disclaimer aside, and in full transparency- I’ve actually finally made it through the other side of what has been a pretty rough season of life for me over the past 7 months.

Until the previous few weeks, I was having more down days than up, my anxiety and stress levels were through the roof, and I felt like I was constantly drowning and trying to stay afloat in my relationships, career, motherhood… literally (it felt like) everything.

I lost 10 lbs from chronic stress, had little motivation to exercise, and could only think about scheduling an entire day to myself to just focus on me and my own needs.

Thankfully I was able to keep my mindset positive, allocate time each day toward my amazing Banana Bariatric family, my relationships, my adorable kiddo, and my health goals.

Day-by-day, I felt more and more like I was starting to get a handle on each of the core aspects of my life.

Slowly, I began feeling like I was getting back on track with my health again.

But it was a tough season, if I’m being totally honest with you. But that’s just how life is, right?

Life is full of seasons.

Some seasons are absolutely FANTASTIC- as if life intentionally lobbed you a pitch that you could smack a home-run with (with your eyes closed!).

Other seasons… more like a baseball straight to your face. At high speed…

If there’s ONE THING that helped me through these past 7 months, it was my mindset.

Regarding mindset…

Do you…
> Have Cravings?
>  Struggle with emotional eating?
>  Lack a desire to exercise?
>  Yearn for motivation to maintain your progress?
>  Want a way to manage stress and/or anxiety?

It’s time to start focusing on your mindset.

It’s a toughie. But from my own personal experience, it was my mindset that kept me going every. single. day when life was just… hard.

Regardless of what you’re currently struggling with, you CAN learn how to successfully shape your mindset into one that serves and prioritizes YOU and YOUR health goals.

We actually spent an entire 5 Days inside Banana Bariatrics (our membership support group) diving deep into a Masterclass designed specifically on the topic of mastering your mindset.

One day in particular, we focused on negotiating your needs.

These were the most common barriers that came up for participants during the Masterclass:


  1. “I don’t spend any time on myself. I instead spend it on everyone else.”
  2. “I don’t have a problem with time during the day, but I don’t use the time specifically for my needs.”
  3. “It’s hard when I have a busy work schedule.”

As such, we boiled down some of the responses to these Top Tips:


  • If you don’t spend any dedicated time to your needs, start with 10 minutes over your lunch break.
  • Pick a fun workout class like Zumba, read, walk, or take a bath to experience an entire hour of self-care bliss!
  • “Porch sit.” 
    • > Invite the neighbors over, sit on the porch, have coffee, talk, and hang out
    • > Knit or read while listening to music on the patio
  • Before going to bed, put on Headspace app and fall asleep to a Sleepcast (podcast)

As a member inside Banana Bariatrics, you can have unlimited access to this 5 Day Mindset Masterclass as well as our entire Back On Track Program which includes 30 days of additional mindset work!

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