Day 16

Catch A Banana Bariatrics Support Group REPLAY!

Featuring the AMAZING Jasmine Dunckel, LMFT!

Discussion Points:

  • How do we know what we are feeling?
  • How do our emotions show up in our body? How do we respond? How do these emotions influence our thoughts, and eventually our behaviors?
  • When we are able to acknowledge our feelings, we can live our lives in congruence with our values
  • Ask yourself: What is the experience I am having?
  • Next: What do we do with the feeling?
    • What is this ‘feeling’ needing? We have to do this work of reparenting ourselves
  • What if there are lots of feelings?
    • What can you do if it becomes overwhelming?
  • Developing accurate or alternative beliefs based on your values
  • Last step: Meeting your (feelings’) needs

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Jasmine Dunckel, LMFT


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