Cardio Drumming With Cindy

Get ready to get your BEAT on this week in Support Group! Cindy – the instructor or Cardio Drumming – will be explaining what Cardio Drumming is, how to safely modify moves to fit your personal needs, and some music to drum along to. Bring your spouse, kiddo, and/or pet and get ready for some FUN!

Cardio Drumming

Cardio Drumming is a full body workout paired with fun uplifting music that can incorporate many movements that you use in your daily routine such as squats (how to pick up objects without using your back), core strength (brushing your teeth, how to get up from the floor), arm exercises (how to get objects down off shelves) and just daily chores and movements we don’t think off(like going up and down steps).

All of these exercises can be modified and can be incorporated in your daily routine to keep your body in motion. I tell everyone “motion is your lotion”. Not only do you receive a physical workout but you are doing a brain workout. The drumming paired with the exercise encourages brain development. Any one, any age, any level, or any gender can do this exercise. Where else can you “rock out while you workout”??


Equipment You’ll Need

(Please gather before class):

> 65-75 cm exercise ball
> 17 gallon rope handled bucket
> Drumsticks
> Water
> Towel
Any of these items can also be modified with whatever you can find.

About Cindy:

I became interested in some type of exercise when I needed to make a healthy lifestyle change and I am someone who likes to exercise with other people in a group like experience.

So how could I find great music and great people to exercise with…..well that is when Cardio Drumming was introduced to me. I was asked to help start up a class at our local Herbalife Nutrition Club and that is where my story began after I lost 42lbs.



Apr 18 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm