1. Journal Questions
    1. Name Emotions
    1. Rage, Anger, Irritation, Grief, Guilt, Sad, Happy, Excited, Grateful, Appreciation, Prayer
    2. Title one Emotion – Give it a Headline
    3. What area are you working in?
    1. Physical, Mindset, Relationships, Work
    2. Body, Being, Balance, Business
    4. Who or what does the emotion revolve around?
    5. In this moment, why are you triggered to be having said emotion?
    6. If you could tell that person anything to their face with no filter, what would it be?
    7. What is the story you are telling yourself that was created by a trigger?
    8. Use one word feelings that come up when you think of the situation.
    9. Use one word thoughts and actions that come up when you think of the situation.
    10. What evidence do you have to support that your thoughts and feelings are true?
    11. Deep breath in and out
    12. What are the non-emotional facts that triggered you to feel said emotion.
    13. What might be possible if you stop the emotion?
    14. What do you want beyond this situation?
    15. What do you want for yourself in this situation?
    16. Deep breath in and out
    17. Look at the original story. Once this chapter is over and done with, what lessons have you learned?
    18. If you keep telling yourself the original story will that help you.
    19. Are you ready to create a new story?
    20. What is your new desired version of the story?
    21. Will the lesson that comes from your new story be helpful in moving forward?
    22. Deep breath in and out
    23. Step back, reflect, and review how this experience is positive.
    24. What is the lesson that you take from all of it?
    25. Deep breath in and out
    26. What is the most significant revelation you have come through this experience with?
    27. In comparison to the start, what singular words would you use to describe how you feel right now?
    28. What immediate actions are you committed to take now?