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Feel inspired to move your body and to find a balance between life, food, and fitness with Rob DiMedio! Rob is a Certified Personal Trainer, nutrition coach, and an alumni bariatric sleeve patient.


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Rob DiMedio is a lifelong scholar and educator, but his biggest life lesson came in the summer of 2019 when told he had better chances of dying in his sleep than making it to his 40th birthday. Having spent a good portion of his adult life forging strong bonds with food, alcohol, and credit cards, he knew he had to be committed to change if he wanted to be around for those he (still) loves most, his wife and children.

Since that summer, Rob has remained committed to food tracking, financial tracking, and fitness tracking all of which he credits his success in his VSG journey. Outside of tracking, which is clearly a favorite activity of his, Rob learned early in his journey that sharing his goals was a form of accountability and has surpassed goals that include walking 15,000 steps every day for over a year and completing a 75-mile bike ride! He has (physically) lost over 150 pounds, and believes his emotional weight loss is even more impressive as he continues to heal and grow in all relationships, especially as a husband and father.

In 2022 Rob became the first winner of The Just Be Your Bariatric Awards Best Men’s Fitness Account and Best Mens Instagram page. Since then he has become a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

After seeing the landscape evolving in the online fitness and nutrition space Rob committed to helping provide members of the bariatric community with a safe, structured place to learn the basic foundations and nutrition required after Bariatric Surgery. From this insight, Rob founded Busy Bariatrics, an online fitness and nutrition coaching company that focuses on helping his clients learn to incorporate foods and movement into their every day lives.


Feb 06 2024


9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Rob DiMedio


Rob DiMedio