Tips For Long Term Success After Bariatric Surgery (FREE Support Group)

During this FREE Support Group opportunity (sponsored by ProCare Vitamins), I will be spending most of the hour reviewing tips and tricks for combating weight regain before and after surgery.

Weight regain is COMMON and can occur in a cycle. What typically kicks off this cycle is the re-introduction of old habits sneaking back into one’s lifestyle and the lack of consistency in maintaining healthy habits.

The power of consistency in long term success after bariatric surgery cannot be understated. Surgery may help you feel full sooner after eating or it may give you food aversions or unpleasant symptoms when you eat or drink the wrong things, but it won’t help you with the problem of inconsistency. That’s the real work. During this event, we’re going to dig our heels in and learn tips and tricks for long term success after bariatric surgery.

What: “Tips For Long Term Success After Bariatric Surgery”

When: Monday August 14th @ 2p CST / 3p EST

Where: Zoom

How: Register here (FREE): https://tinyurl.com/Aug14ProCareSupportGroup

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Let me know if you plan on attending the support group call on Monday August 14th!


Aug 14 2023


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm