Feel Like Your Emotions Are All Over The Place?

If you’re fresh out of surgery, it’s not uncommon to feel like your emotions are ALL over the place.

The first month after surgery, your hormones are recalibrating and your bubbly/happy personality may be replaced with being down, depressed, and even wanting to hurt yourself.

If you’ve ever thought about hurting yourself and/or have had thoughts of committing suicide, seek psychiatric help right away.

Your emotions can be intensified when paired with common symptoms during the first month after surgery: consuming < 1000 calories / day, being on a liquid diet for weeks on end (before and after surgery), being dehydrated, and/or having significant nausea after surgery.

For some, the intensity of your emotions will regulate and stabilize as time goes on. However, it is very important to ensure you have established care with a Psychiatrist and to see them regularly. They will be able to help you start and continue appropriate medication as you navigate through challenging seasons of life during your WLS journey.


Usually by around 2-3 months after surgery, once you’re on a more regular diet and you’re through the toughest part of post-operative recovery, most patients mention feeling more emotionally stable.

Inside our exclusive membership support group (Banana Bariatrics), we actually have a short 5 Day Mini Mastermind class that can help you with your mindset and emotions as you navigate through your weight loss surgery journey. You’ll also have access to a bunch of our other educational courses as well as a warm and welcome family full of bariatric veteran patients.

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