Gail’s Friday Night Fun 02/04/2022


  • Team B: Alicia L
  • Team C: Shakeerah & Dianna
  • Team D: Nicole & Gail
  • Team E: Stacy & Bob
  • Team F:Carmelita


Gail Pelligrino


  • Skip ahead to 21:10 to get started with Trivia

Accountability and Stats

Bob: 35 points (Spend time solo & Call someone you love)

Nicole: 35 points (Plan a healthy meal & stretch for 10 min)

Carmelita: 25 points (complete and act of kindness & Listen to your favorite song)

Stacy: 20 points (Choose a day-Limit screen time to 1 hr & complete a Zumba class)

Shakeerah: 10 points (Delete 20 Junk Emails)

Dianna: 10 points (List 5 things you want to do this year & watch a movie)

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