Gail’s Friday Night Fun 04/09/2022

Catch the replay of (bariatric veteran) Gail’s Friday Night Fun event! Listen to some music, compete with others, and share lots of laughs along the way.


  • Kristen
  • Bob
  • Stacy
  • Nicole
  • Dianna
  • Danna
  • Carmelita
  • Gail


  • Kristen: 7 points
  • Bob: 5 points
  • Stacy and Nicole: 4 points
  • Nicole and Dianna: 3 points
  • Danna and Carmelita: 1 points
  • Gail: 15 points

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  1. @Pickynicky – if you have an extra panel on your binder, you can usually cut it off. For example: If they gave you a white 12” binder with a panel that cuts up by your breast bone and rubs under your breasts, you can cut off the top panel so it doesn’t keep scratching you.

    Or I would run this by your surgical team before you do 😉

  2. Y’all have me giggling at 8am. Oh man Disney would have been my jam. We watched every Disney movie available when my kid was young and now we watch them in her 30’s again LOL

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