How Healthy Are You? Let This One Thing Tell You More

The proof of your overall health is demonstrated in your… lab work!

Lab work can give us a snapshot of our inner health.

Now, I’m sorry to do this…

But I need to toot my own horn to illustrate this point. 🎺 *toot*🎺 *toot*

I recently completed bloodwork for my annual appointment with my Primary Care Provider, and my lipid lab work came back as “excellent.”

It’s awkward for me to take the time to even write this up in an email for you, but the reason I mention this is solely because of the importance that NUTRITION plays in your health.

Coach Jeff – our Banana lifestyle fitness coach – and I talk about the 80:20 rule. By aiming for 80% consistency in your nutrition (ie: prioritizing protein, eating whole foods as much as possible, drinking water, etc.) you can completely revamp your health.

The best way to obtain proof of this?

In your bloodwork.

I wanted to share with you my “excellent” Lipid panel which tracks your triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Look- my Nurse Practitioner wrote the word “excellent” herself. (It wasn’t me!! 😆)

Your lipid levels are important markers to keep controlled because – if too high- they can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease- especially** if you are someone who has pre-diabetes or diabetes.

For me, personally- I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol. It runs in my family. My grandmother had it and my mother (currently) has it.

So if I was being honest, I was actually pretty curious to see what my lab work would show, knowing that I don’t pay too close attention to the amount of cholesterol I consume in my diet.

  • I eat eggs.
  • I eat cheese.
  • I have steak.


And I don’t eat too much steak, cheese, or eggs. Just here and there when I have the itch for it. And (most importantly) I don’t eat a lot of processed foods (which are FULL of cholesterol) – think fried foods, baked goods, and sweets.

Essentially, my daily nutrition boils down to whole foods 80% of the time with emphasis on eating (whole food versions of) protein first before anything else on my plate and non-starchy vegetables as much as possible.

Now, back to lipids.

Your body is designed to grow, fight infection, stay hormonally balanced, and to reproduce from the nutrition that comes from whole foods.

I understand that I am not in your shoes, and I have not had weight loss surgery. However, the nutritional principle applies to all of us, regardless of surgical history. AND, your lab work will paint an honest picture of the quality of your nutrition and health.

Here’s my lab work (with the reference values listed):

HDL is the “good” cholesterol … so imagine my surprise when I saw this number way off the charts!!

🎺 toot 🎺 toot 🎺

Ok, I’m done showing off my nerdy blood work, and I’m definitely done tooting my horn. (🤦‍♀️)

The take-home message is this: the QUALITY of your nutrition is paramount.

Allow me to leave you with this.

If you do one thing today, do this:

Try to substitute something that is processed in your diet – ie: packaged, boxed, frozen, fried etc. – and replace it with a whole food alternative.

Love McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches?
Try meal prepping some egg muffins at home that you can grab-and-go on your way to work.

Love French Fries (I’m on a McDonald’s kick…)?
Try cutting up some potatoes, tossing them in some avocado oil with a little bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and throw them in an Air Fryer.

Basically, reverse engineer a processed food you eat regularly into a whole foods recipe, and surprise yourself with how much yummier (and healthier!) the food eventually starts tasting.

When you’re done, comment below so I know you accepted this challenge!

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start, don’t worry! I’ve got your back.

Inside our membership support group – Banana Bariatrics – I have an ENTIRE Back on Track Program that is 3 months long. It spends a whole month (!) teaching you how to approach nutrition and buying, preparing, and eat whole foods in your diet.

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    1. Oooo yes! Egg muffins are super easy, grab-and-go, and can be jazzed up with different ingredients, toppings, etc.

      I’m sure there’s a ton of recipes you can find on Pinterest. If you like spinach, you can saute some so it really wilts down, and add it to your mix so you’re buffering in a bit of extra iron too! 😉

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