Meal Prepping: Broken Down Into Three Simple Steps

meal prepping

The other day in clinic, one of my patients felt overwhelmed. She had survived the holidays, was feeling energized to get back-on-track, but also felt a bit scattered about where to start. She wanted to feel prepared with meal prepping, but the thought of where to even begin felt daunting.

Can you relate? 

I definitely can.

Therefore, in an effort to break down the task of meal prepping, I tried to break the task down into 3 Parts.

The goal is to help make meal prepping fun and not so overwhelming. Most importantly- we’re taking things VERY slowly here.

I encourage you to work through each Part slowly and methodically.

AS YOU FINISH EACH PART, share your progress so we can help encourage each other!

PART 1: Get Organized & Prepared with Meal Planning

You’re going to need 5 minutes to get organized and prepared for meal planning.

🍅 ACTION STEP #1: Explore your kitchen and look for protein and vegetables you have.

  • What vegetables do you need to use up in your fridge?
  • What protein and vegetables are in your freezer?
  • What nutrient dense whole foods are in your pantry?

🍅 ACTION STEP #2: Write down the main protein source(s) and vegetables you need to use up.

PART 2: Find Recipes & Build Your Meal Prepping Shopping List

You’re going to need 20 minutes to look up recipes and build your shopping list.

🥬 ACTION STEP #1: Look up 2 recipes that use the protein and vegetables you have on hand. My advice- keep the recipes SIMPLE and easy to make! Feel free to modify recipes you find in order to make them healthier.

🥬 ACTION STEP #2: Build a shopping list full of the remaining ingredients you need for these recipes.

PART 3: Grocery Shopping & Food Prep

You’re going to need 2 hours to go grocery shopping and start prepping some of your recipes.

🫒 ACTION STEP #1: Find one date and time that you’re going to go to the grocery store this week. Or- delegate someone in your family to go on your behalf!

🫒 ACTION STEP #1.5: Go shopping! When you get home, challenge yourself to chop up your vegetables and/or prep and marinade your protein sources. This will help get some of the meal prep work done ahead of time.

🫒 ACTION STEP #2: Pick 2 days this week to make your new recipes!

AS YOU FINISH EACH PART, share your progress so we can help encourage each other!!

Want to take support and accountability with meal prepping to the next level? Join our intimate bariatric community (that feels like family!) called Banana Bariatrics!

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