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You WANT to lose weight, feel better about yourself, and live a healthier quality of life... BUT... you don't know where to start, what to eat, Or how to find the TIME to unpack and implement everything!

Diets and fads are everywhere. You’ve tried them all before surgery and know first hand that none of those diets were helpful at sustaining long-term weight loss. That’s why you decided to ultimately have weight loss surgery; to improve your overall health and to live a long and healthy life!

In the beginning, losing weight was like skipping down the yellow brick road. It was relatively easy losing weight right after surgery. But as time went on, you began noticing weight stalls and experiencing weight regain along the way.

Your level of fear and distrust in yourself began to rise. Would I go back to my weight before surgery? How do I now get back on track? Where do I start? What do I eat? What information do I trust?

Stress, panic, and overwhelm began to settle in, alongside snacking back on sweets and sugar again. Your level of distrust in yourself and self-sabotage was suddenly at an all time high.

You’ve found yourself WANTING to get back on track and losing more weight, but you feel like there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Sometimes you feel like you put yourself aside to take care of the home, children, spouse, career… the list goes on.

You feel like you lack strong will power, motivation, knowledge, and support. It’s just… HARD… staying consistent when unhealthy foods are staring you down and tempting you to eat them every darn day!

If this is how you’re feeling, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and this is not the end of your journey. This is the exact point where you get back on your feet and back on track with improving your health and lifestyle after weight loss surgery. 

It’s finally time. 

It’s time to not only lose weight, but more importantly- feel better about yourself and to live a healthier quality of life. 

It’s time to focus on longevity and mastery of healthy habits that will leave you feeling more energetic and full of life.

It’s time to focus on vitality and the importance of taking care of your body.

It’s time to reach and maintain a healthy weight, to encourage healthy eating behaviors, and to make healthier food choices.

The time is NOW… to not only BE healthy but to STAY healthy, for the rest of your life.


Introducing the
Nutritional Masterclass

In the following 6 modules, you’ll dive deep into the core bariatric nutritional concepts that will help you feel back on track and in the driver’s seat of living the life you’ve always imagined!

Module 1: Back To The Basics

In this module, you will refresh your memory of the standardized bariatric guidelines around:
1) Appropriate serving sizes
2) Macronutrients
3) The importance of drinking water after weight loss surgery

Module 2: Sugar

Sugar is everywhere! You'll begin to understand the importance of:
> Limiting sugar-sweetened beverages
> How juice & smoothies can impact your weight loss after surgery
> Why sugar feels so addicting
> The effects that aspartame has on your body.

Module 3: How To "Eat Clean"

This module kicks off with an important lesson on why consuming minimally processed food is so important for your long-term health and wellness. From there, you'll learn how to read nutritional labels and determine if a food item is in alignment with healthy bariatric guidelines.

You'll continue to put your knowledge into action (and will tie all of these concepts together) by learning how to make healthier swaps in your pantry with multiple behind-the-scenes video tutorials using Coach Kate's kitchen as an example.

Get ready to have a completely restocked kitchen full of healthy foods by the end of this lesson!

Module 4: Meal Planner Template

In this module, you will download a 17 page Meal Planner Template that will serve as a guide to teach you HOW to organize and plan meals for the week. But the work doesn't end there!

As you go through this lesson, you'll learn how to:
1) Work on your mindset around meal planning
2) Add in a variety of meals to your weekly menu
2) Stay consistent with your efforts
3) Address snacking with our helpful 80:20 strategy

Lastly, we'll put all of the concepts together and teach you how to give yourself credit for all of your hard work and small wins along the way!

Module 5: Cooking & Meal Planning

We'll put your meal prepping skills to use with some fun in the kitchen! In this module, you'll get your hands on helpful bariatric recipes and cookbooks that will make cooking in the kitchen exciting (and easy!).

You'll also join one of our Bariatric Dietitians in the kitchen for a cooking demonstration that will not only have your mouth watering, but will leave you feeling re-inspired to don your apron and put on your chef's hat!

The cooking demonstration also includes a helpful Q&A session with some of your most pressing nutritional questions around:
> Cooking for one
> Modifying recipes to make them healthier
> Low carb options
> How to repurpose meals
> Carbs versus net carbs
> How to adjust recipes based on the different bariatric staged diets

But that's not all! This module will also take you outside of your home kitchen and teach you how to choose healthy items at fast food joints and restaurants when you're eating out with friends and family.

Module 6: Accountability

Having the knowledge and education of what to do after weight loss surgery is 50% of the battle. The other 50% lies in the action that comes with consistently implementing what you’ve learned throughout the Nutritional Masterclass. 

In this module, we'll invite you to link up with some of our bariatric members so you don't have to navigate all of this alone. Having a bariatric buddy will not only sky rocket your success, but will help you stay consistent, accountable, and above all- HAVING FUN (imagine that!?) as you continue to navigate on your weight loss surgery journey.

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With your All Access Membership to Banana Bariatrics, you’ll receive clinician led support groups, lifelong connection, and education alongside others on a similar weight loss surgery journey as you. Enjoy our Nutritional Masterclass PLUS all of the following features inside Banana Bariatrics!

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Weekly Clinician Led Support Groups

Each week, you'll have access to Live support groups led by either a bariatric clinician, lifestyle fitness coach, dietitian, veteran member, or Coach Kate herself. Can't make the support groups Live? No biggie! Catch the Replay in our Library Vault!

Fun Accountability & Connection With Banana Teams

Banana Teams is an optional opportunity to connect with others and have a little competitive fun while working on your health goals! Join a small group with 3 other members and chase the leaderboard by completing weekly health challenges. Some challenges are bariatric focused, others are cooking and meal prep related, and some weeks are all about sharing pictures of your pets! We love having fun and not taking life too seriously inside Banana.

Weight Regain "Back On Track" Program

Thirty percent of patients experience weight stalls or regain after surgery. Inside Banana, we offer an entire 3 month Back On Track Program that will help you dial in your nutrition, mindset, and movement. You'll feel re-focused, inspired, and re-motivated in no time.

Mindset Masterclass

After surgery, it can sometimes feel like the hardest part is the mindset work. In our Mindset Masterclass, you'll learn how to successfully shape your mind into one that serves and prioritizes your health goals. This Masterclass will help you navigate food temptation, control your cravings, and enable you to create a daily habit of reflection and action so you can start living a healthier and happier life!

Education That Is Medically Based

Have a question? Receive a medically based answer. With direct access to Coach Kate and other Bariatric Clinicians and Dietitians, your most pressing questions will get immediate (and thorough) answers.

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Community That Feels Like Family

At Banana, we pride ourself on being a small, close-knit family. Here's a picture of a handful of our Banana members who got together in person for a mini-reunion! In our Private Banana FB Group, you'll have a safe place to let your hair down and allow your heart to open. We are a positive, uplifting, and encouraging bariatric support family.

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Nutritional Masterclass

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our Nutritional Masterclass reviews basic bariatric guidelines as well as nutritional guidelines for those already on a regular bariatric staged diet. While most of the recipes and resources shared within the Masterclass are geared toward WLS patients who are through the staged diets, consider the Masterclass an opportunity to “look ahead” and prepare for a successful nutritional journey moving forward!

Yes, yes, and yes! This Nutritional Masterclass will take you back to the beginning and not only remind you of the basic bariatric guidelines, but will:

1) Fill in any knowledge gaps you may have missed during your surgical follow-ups

2) Address important topics relevant to weight stalls such as calories and macros

3) Give you to the tools to troubleshoot cooking, meal planning, and prep (all challenging things that can slip away from us the further out from surgery we get!) 


With an All Access Pass to Banana Bariatrics, you’ll be able to amplify your results and weight loss when joining our warm and welcoming community. Inside Banana, you will feel supported, accountable, and in-motion. Not to mention, you’ll have immediate and direct access to Bariatric Dietitians and other clinicians that can personalize advice to your specific needs in order to help you feel back on track and losing weight in no time! 

If you’re an artsy person, feel free to let your inner child shine by having some fun colored pens and planner stickers handy! At the beginning of the Masterclass, you will have a downloadable Notes and Questions page in addition to other resources like our (17 page) Meal Planner Template and Water Habit Tracker! Feel free to take notes, doodle, and decorate our downloads with fun colors and stickers. We don’t take life too seriously, nor do we think you should either!

Please email Kate at [email protected] with any of your questions. 

If you have a question that pops up while working through the Masterclass, you can email her throughout the course as well. She is timely and will ensure you receive a response within 24 hours.

One perk to joining our All Access Pass with a Banana Bariatrics Membership is the immediate and direct access to Kate and other Bariatric clinicians and dietitians. No question is a silly question, and you’ll receive responses quickly through our private Banana FB group with additional bariatric clinician networking, support, and resources at your fingertips.

Have a question? Email Kate at [email protected]