Soda, Bread & Sugar

This video is from our main Bariatric Weight Loss Support (Facebook) Group from 11/17/21.
We discussed:

  • Why we recommend avoiding carbonation and soda (based on ASMBS guidelines)
  • Step-wise approach to weaning off soda (regular >> diet >> carbonated water >> flat water / unsweetened options)
  • Weaning off foods & drinks with artificial sweeteners and ingredients
  • Sugar
  • Bread alternatives

POST IN THE COMMENTS: Your soda goal!

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  1. My soda goal…….I will try to replace 2 cans of soda each day with my unsweetened decaf tea. That is what I used to drink before I got hooked on soda. I don’t even want to think about how hard it is going to be to give up soda all the way. Please bear with me..

      1. Do you know anything about that thing called Soda Stream? Yes, I know it has been around but I have never paid attention to it. Would that be a way for me to get rid of the soda and get more water?

        1. The soda stream machine is basically a CO2 cartridge that you can use to carbonate filtered water (at home). It comes with soda flavors. I think it depends where you fall on your soda habit. If you’re struggling to make the jump to flat unsweetened decaf tea, you could consider the soda stream as a “weaning” approach. I would not recommend using any of the flavorings, but instead just use it to carbonate plain water. I would also recommend only putting in a very small amount of carbonation since you can control how much you use.

          Ultimately, the goal is to come off of carbonation altogether based on ASMBS guidelines so you don’t introduce air into your stomach that could cause it to stretch. Before considering buying the soda stream machine, I’d try to exhaust all “flat” options of beverages first if possible.
          What are your thoughts @susieshouse ?

          1. I am not going to buy the soda stream. It does not seem like a healthy option. I thought it might be but after investigating it, I realized it was not.

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