Submitting Your Cancellation

We understand that things happen in life and you may find yourself needing to step back from Banana for a bit. If there is anything we can do to help you before cancelling your subscription, please do not hesitate to email us ([email protected]). We are happy to help with anything you need.

When you cancel, you’ll unfortunately lose access to:

  • Weekly LIVE support groups led by clinicians and Banana members
  • Replay recordings on our website
  • Access to the Private Banana Facebook Group
  • Close connection with bariatric veterans
  • Weekly accountability challenges with Banana Teams
  • 12 Week Back On Track Program
  • Mindset Masterclasses
  • Nutritional Masterclass
  • Bariatric resources, handouts, and PDFs
  • Direct access to Bariatric Dietitian Services

If you’re second guessing your decision to cancel, may we entice you with a downgraded subscription plan instead?

Dabble in accountability while still seeing your Banana buddies on a monthly basis with our Back On Track Membership.

You’ll have access to our Back On Track call every month in addition to access to the replay.

When you’re ready to dial up to your All Access membership again, you can upgrade at any time!

Something went wrong. Cannot cancel subscription at this time.