Susie House Interview

Our favorites quotes from Susie’s interview:

I had no support, whatsoever. I went to Facebook for support. Unfortunately, some of the stuff you get on FB is good, and some of it is not so good… I finally found [Banana] to teach me the right way to do things. The education I needed. The technical stuff. I didn’t know if I was where I was supposed to be on the weight limit. I didn’t know if I was supposed to be eating 5 oz. I didn’t know if I was supposed to be eating this kind of product or that. [Banana has] given me that. I feel like I’m at home now.

We’re just here to all share in the wealth of knowledge. We’re all here together to learn, and that is the best. We’re not here to one-up each other or say “I’m doing better than you,” or “you’re not doing good enough.” No one is there to be jealous of anyone else. We’re all here to celebrate the other person’s success and that’s what wonderful.

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