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After surgery, all bariatric patients are required (for the rest of your life) to take 3 things:

Bariatric multivitamin
Calcium citrate supplements

*** Switch / SADI patients require additional ADEK supplementation. ***

Important Vitamin Reminders

  1. Iron needs to be taken 2 hours apart from calcium AND pantoprazole supplements
  2. It’s okay to take your multivitamin WITH your calcium (unless your multivitamin contains iron)
  3. If you are taking your multivitamin WITH iron AND food, make sure you are not eating dairy products (ie: Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, etc.) as dairy will contain calcium and bind to your iron – impairing absorption. >>> Keep in mind: dairy based protein shakes (ie: Fairlife and Premier protein) can contain calcium and will bind with iron supplements.
  4. You need to take calcium citrate multiple times per day (not just once a day)
  5. Switch/ SADI patients taking a multi-vitamin with ADEK: ensure you are taking your vitamin with a bite or two of healthy fat (ie: avocado, plain nuts, olive oil, etc.) to best absorb your ADEK vitamins


Multivitamin + Iron

One capsule taken once a day (*for those cleared to take capsules).


Take 1 chew 3x per day. (1200-1500mg of calcium citrate in divided doses)


Multivitamin + Iron + ADEK

One chewable tablet taken twice a day.


Take 1 chew 4x per day. (1800-2400mg of calcium citrate in divided doses)

***Please review with your Bariatric Team and/or Bariatric Dietitian which vitamin(s) are appropriate for you based on the type of surgery you’ve had and here you are in your surgical journey. Need a Dietitian? We recommend Bariatric Dietitian Services– our go-to bariatric dietitian services!
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