Need Help Getting Back On Track After Weight Loss Surgery?

Kickstart that “fresh bariatric mindset” again in order to feel re-motivated, confident, and successful with your tool… regardless of how far out from surgery you are.

There IS a way to feel back-on-track with your health goals and to start hearing that; “I can do it!” inner voice starting to speak up.

Introducing Banana Bariatrics

Beltline Health knows that long-term success comes with a lifetime of support. That’s why Beltline has partnered with Banana Bariatrics to offer you access to a 100% Virtual AfterCare Program designed to keep you supported, educated, mentored, and re-committed to your health goals…for life!

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Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Right after surgery, losing weight felt relatively easy. But as time went on, you may have started running into a few road bumps that made you second-guess your progress and weight loss trajectory.

Perhaps you caught yourself comparing your weight loss to others on a similar bariatric journey and thinking; “Am I losing enough? Am I doing this right?”

Maybe you went through a few weight stalls during the first year of surgery that made you feel like you were never going to get past those same pesky pounds that kept making the scale go up and down.

You may have felt like you didn’t have the kind of support you thought you were going to have after surgery. All of a sudden the struggle felt ten-fold, leaving you with the feeling that you were all alone and that no one was understanding of what you were going through.

Or, perhaps you had to navigate through an extremely challenging time in your life: the loss of a loved one, a drawn-out divorce, a stressful career and demanding work schedule. The only emotions left in your empty tank of gas were anxiety, depression, and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to give up.

banana bariatrics sales page
banana bariatrics sales page

These are all very real and common reasons why weight regain happens in 30% of patients after surgery.

But, that doesn’t have to be the end of your story.

There Is Hope.
There Is Direction.

There IS a way to feel back-on-track with your health goals and to start hearing that; “I can do it!” inner voice starting to speak up.

That’s what Beltline’s AfterCare Program is here for. We’re here for YOU. And we understand the struggles you’re facing. On the good days and bad, we’ll always be here to support you with love, encouragement, and compassion and to help you feel back-on-track and re-motivated again.

banana bariatrics sales page
banana bariatrics sales page

Member Testimonials

“Never have I felt closer to a group of people that are so far away from me. People on the outside do not understand our circumstances. I joined Banana to have a consistent support system post surgery. To validate our mental, emotional, and nutritional goals.”​

Gail P.

Bypass 06/11/18

“I love having continuous support and long lasting friendships that feel more like family.”

Alicia L.

Sleeve 05/05/21

“I enjoy being around others who can help support me when I need it and understand my situation. Not everyone can relate to us. I joined to make new friends as well as to help find a way to get myself back on track and refocus my priorities on my eating.”

Dianna C.

Bypass 04/09/09​

“Other online bariatric sites felt too big and not near as personal. Once I did the trial with Banana, the personalized welcome and sense of family and support really won me over. Banana Teams and online support groups are an added bonus. This group really does feel like family.”

Misti C.

Sleeve 05/05/21

You’re In The Right Place
If You’re Looking For:

Connection & Encouragement

Have you regained some or all of your weight back?
No biggie! We’re here for you no matter the struggle! Get ready for some genuine uplifting and encouraging support in a SAFE SPACE.

Clinical Support

Have a quick question? Get a quick answer.
With direct access to Bariatric Clinicians on weekly Live Support Group calls, on our Website and/or Private FB group, we’re only a tag away!

Serious Accountability

Wish you could commit to your health goal(s) for the long haul? Join a “Banana Team” for weekly challenges that will have you bonding with your teammates, dialing up some competitive fun, and chasing the Leaderboard!

banana bariatrics sales page

Get Instant Access To All Of This:

Total Value = $6,150

Joining Our AfterCare Program Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Click The “Start Your Trial Now” Button

Try our All Access Membership for 1 week for just a buck. 

Continuous Support

Need help…NOW?
Receive immediate 24/7 resources and support the second you join.

Immediately Feel A Warm Welcome

Feel accepted, understood, and looked out for with our close-knit bariatric family.

banana bariatrics sales page

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Member Feedback & Results

“It is nice to have a place that is all about positive and uplifting attitude during this journey. I actually left all the other FB groups I was in because of all the negative and bashing that was going on. We need positive communication, education, mindfulness and fun!!”

Kriste C.

Sleeve 12/31/20

“I don’t have a lot of people I talk to about [my surgery]. This group allows me to speak openly without fear of being judged. Everyone is at all different stages of their journey, but there is always someone who can help. I can’t tell you how nice it is to know I’m not alone. The people in this group are so supportive and have excellent ideas. It was a no-brainer that I wanted to be a part of this.”
Dianna C.

Bypass 04/09/09

It is nice to be a part of such a wonderful close knit family!! Everyone is genuine and truly cares about each other. It makes me want to do better and strive for excellence!! I love Banana !!

Susie H.

Bypass 04/2019

“The coaches and staff listen and help you find answers, they really are like family. I feel like I have a home of help and understanding. The group of people are here to help and encourage us with no judgment.”​

Jill K.

Bypass 01/12/22

stacy before
stacy after

“You, Kate, are such a positive and uplifting spirit and you are making a tremendous difference in our lives. It’s nice to know that in this world of chaos we live in, there are still kind and caring people, like yourself, that want us to be successful as we each navigate through our journey. Thank you for being that positive light in our lives and I’m so excited to be a Banana!!”

Kristin R.

Bypass 12/15/20