Day 4

High Protein Foods Shopping List

Are you working hard toward living a healthier life?

If so, I’m so excited for you and proud of your bravery to take back control of your health!

I encourage you to print (as many times as you need!) this shopping list full of high quality protein foods.
It’s important after weight loss surgery to aim for > 60-80g of protein daily.

Even if you haven’t had surgery yet, it’s very important to practice this behavior in order to be prepared after surgery.

In this freebie, I list whole foods rich in protein- separated into categories- so you can spend less time scratching your head and more time improving your health!

And, to make your shopping experience easier, I’ve included a shopping list of all of the high quality protein foods so you can print it off, take it with you to the store, add more ingredients as needed, and reprint it as many times as you may need!



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