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Willis Knighton


Dr Norwood

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Minden, Louisiana-originally Roseville, Illinois

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My why???? I have to think long and hard about this question. When I had the surgery, I have to admit that it was for the wrong reasons. It was just to be skinny. I had so many health problems but I was not thinking about those. the only thing on my mind was being skinny. NOW though, things are different. I DID lose 100 pounds and got down to my goal weight. That did NOT make me happy though. I FELT weak and tired. I felt like I could barely get from the bedroom to the couch. My blood work was not good. I had to get iron infusions several times. I started having stomach issues. It caused gastroparesis.

So, I started eating and man did I EAT. I gained a whopping 22 pounds. BUT, my blood work is PERFECT!! NO, I don’t fit into those size 2 and 4 jeans anymore. But I can certainly tell you I feel a lot more healthier. I do need to lose about 17 pounds now. But that is a HEALTHY weight and I am NOT focusing on the skinny details anymore.

I am older now. I want to feed my body nutrition that will help it feed my energy levels and my soul!!! 💃🏋️‍♀️🙏♥️ I may never fit back into those size 2 and 4 jeans. But I am ok with that. I want to feel vivacious and energetic and full of life!!! I want to be able to go and do things with my husband and grandkids.

I want to live life!!!!