You’re Sticking Around!

Yay! We’re so happy to hear that you’re sticking around.

If you’re feeling disconnected:

Come and hang out with us in the Facebook Group. Let us know you need support right now and we’ll flood you with hugs and high fives!

If you’re feeling short on time

Organize your calendar by jotting down this month’s support groups so they’re on your radar. If you’re having a hard time making any of the groups, throw out some better dates and times that work for you in the Facebook Group. We’re always open to morning, weekends, and lunch times if they’re more convenient for you.

If you’re unclear of what you’re getting from your membership:

Always think support, accountability, and connection. It’s not about the “things” that Banana has. It’s about feeling connected, tuned in to a community of others just like you, and supported on your journey. If Banana is missing the mark on this for you, please email us at [email protected]. Let us know how we can tweak things to help you feel more aligned with us.

If the cost of the membership is not a necessary expense for you right now

We totally understand! However, sometimes by investing in our health and having a little “skin in the game,” it encourages us to really show up, step up, and set higher goals for our health and wellness than when we passively absorb free content on Facebook and websites. To help you save, may we suggest upgrading to our Annual membership? You’ll save 2 months of membership with the upgraded subscription.

Thanks again for staying with your Banana family.

Come and hang out with us in the Facebook Group and let us know how you’re doing.