Are You A Control Freak? Why Delegating To Others Can Improve Your Health


It’s a tough one to do. Especially if you’re someone that has a hard time giving up control to others (…🙋‍♀️).

Have you ever thought:
> “Yes, BUT… if just do it, then I’ll know it will get done on time.”
> “I like things done a certain way, so it’ll be easier for me to just do it myself.”

I’ve thought those things myself, but … LISTEN UP, my friend.

You’ve got to loosen the apron strings.
When you do, magical things can happen.

When you give others a shot to help you out, here’s what will likely happen:

1)    YES – You’ll need to invest a little bit of extra effort, time, and patience into educating the person who is helping you out with the task.

2)    YES – there will be things that need to be tweaked and corrected for the next time as they adjust to helping with the task.

3)    HOWEVER – with any onboarding experience, once they get the hang of it, you recover that time back.

4)    MAGIC then begins to happen! Sometimes… 😲 they can even do a BETTER job than YOU and have a clearer / different perspective that may make your life even easier.

So let’s recap.

Currently, you may be finding yourself in a state where you’re struggling in solitude.

Maybe you’re stubborn (or afraid?) of delegating certain tasks to another person.

Therefore, you’re burning your candle at both ends, are feeling exhausted, frustrated, and resentful that you have to do all-of-the-things and want nothing more than to have a little more time back in your life.

  • Is this what you really want with your life?
  • Is this way of living truly sustainable?
  • Or even enjoyable??

If you can relate to this, I’d like you to do 3 small things this week.

Just three:

1)    I’d like you to write down a comprehensive list of all the things that you do in a day. Write done everything. Ie: drop the kids off at school / daycare, go to work, check emails, pick up groceries, do laundry, empty dishwasher, prep dinner, catch up with family / friends… etc. etc.
2)    Now, circle ONE thing on your list that you don’t (specifically) have to do.
3)    Choose 1 person who you can trial delegating this task to.

When you finish these 3 steps, I’d like you to COMMENT BELOW and let me know what task you delegated, and to whom you delegated it to.

If you’re struggling with delegation, we spent an entire support group inside Banana Bariatrics (our membership support group) diving into the details about about delegating items off your To-Do lists in order to stay on track with your greater health goals.

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