Coach Jeff’s Split 3/7/2022


Carmelita, Nicole, Alicia, and Stacy


  • Macronutrients
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Calculating calories
  • Eating in a deficit
  • Tracking your food
  • 80:20 lifestyle
  • Example of how to calculate calories (thanks Nicole!!)



  • Mifflin St. Joer calculator (not the most accurate if BMI > 30, however it’s the best one we have that gives you a rough estimate)
  • Steps to calculate your calories:
  1. Input your biometric information into the calculator (ie: height, weight, age, gender)
  2. Now, factor in your activity level (ie: most of us fall within the “little to no exercise” to moderate activity)
  3. Hit the Calculate button
  4. The number you see (TDEE) is your MAINTENANCE # of calories your body is using daily
  5. Now, look at your Basal Metabolic Rate number (BMR) – the first number in the Activity chart
  6. You NEVER want to go below this number!! This is what your body needs to maintain all of its important functions. If you go below this number, the last thing your body wants to do is worry about losing fat. It is going to work hard to store it!
  7. Take your MAINTENANCE # of calories (from step #4 above) and subtract 500 from it in order to lose 1 lbs. / week.
  8. To lose1.5 lbs/ week, subtract 750 calories
  9. *IMPORTANT*: when you subtract 500-750 calories from your MAINTENANCE number (assuming you’re looking to lose 1-1.5 lbs/ week), make sure your number does NOT go below your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) number!!
  10. Your new number is your daily intake of calories – when you’re eating in a deficit to lose weight

Once you have your daily calorie goal to shoot for (again- please be forgiving of this number and not obsess about it being exact), you want to make sure you’re still building your plate how we talked about: 50% protein | 30% non-starchy vegetables | The last little bit (20%)—> starchy vegetables / fruit / healthy fat

Accountability Assignment

Challenge: (starting 03/10/22) = 1) Download the free app My Fitness Pal and track 5 days this week, and 2) Hit 80g of protein 5 days this week

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  1. wow… ok.. so I am the under-eater.
    I am not a binger.
    I get a minimum of 80g of protein/day.
    I simply have days where I have no appetite, OR my stress and schedule encourage me to skip meals.

    1. Stress (aka cortisol) can contribute to your lack of appetite, making it challenging to desire food. And it can make it tough to lose weight when it is chronically elevated. 

      How much are you averaging (intake wise) per day?

      1. Pre-bariatric surgery I had tested positive for Cushings. It was borderline, so they did nothing about it. I have been using the MyFitnessPal with my Garmin Connect. That is telling me to average 1800-2000/day in order to lose .5lb a week. I know I lose slowly, and I’m fine with that – I just want to see it move downward somewhat. I have been enjoying some foods that I wouldn’t normally eat (ie. sweets) without feeling guilty and I still end up under the goals for macro intake and calories. My hand was always “slapped” as a teenager when I went to eat, so to eat what I enjoy in balance without guilt, has been an ongoing struggle.

        1. Ah! Cushing’s (if present and untreated) could be contributing since circulating levels of Cortisol remain elevated.

          How has it been going with finding a clinical psychologist / psychiatrist to help you through your relationship with food?

          Also- be sure to tune into Coach Michelle’s upcoming Support Group on 03/21/22 regarding other factors that contribute to our metabolism. This will build off our recent conversations we’ve had around calculating calories based on calculators and equations.

          It’s always a more complex picture!

  2. #replay
     I missed the 2nd half because my phone died. I think we are all under eaters because we are afraid of the weight gain and we under eat and cause the same problem. Why were we not told by this before we has surgery?

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