Bariatric Friendly Halloween Recipes

bariatric friendly halloween recipes

As a Bariatric patient, you may be wondering what bariatric friendly halloween recipes are out there as an alternative to serving or eating halloween candy. In this week’s blog post, we’ve gathered a few healthy recipes that are from nutrient dense foods and are fun alternatives to store bought candy that you, your family, and friends can all enjoy this Halloween season!

Protein Packed Halloween Appetizer

When it comes to healthy bariatric Halloween recipes, it may be tough to come up with some protein-focused recipes. However, we stumbled upon these creepy crawly deviled eggs that are packed with protein and are super cute and creative! They’re also loaded with healthy fat from the egg and avocado in the recipe. If you’re looking for even more protein, you can swap the light mayonnaise with some plain greek yogurt instead!

Seasonally Colored Starchy Side

Add some additional bright purple color to your deviled egg with these Baked Purple Sweet Potato Chips! We love that the ingredients are simple and are most likely on-hand in your pantry already. You could even swap out avocado oil instead of the olive oil as an alternative to your oil source.

Festive Vegetable Platter Plate

How are your carving skills? Try them out prior to roasting some of these vegetables for some festive Halloween fun! And if you have kids- they’ll love them!

In Summary

When we think of bariatric friendly halloween recipes, it’s hard to imagine anything other than desserts and candies as our first train of thought. But you don’t have to throw your health goals out the window to have some festive fun! Take out your carving knife and put on your creative hat to bring some healthy into Halloween fun with some of these Halloween inspired recipes. And to get even further ahead of your sugar cravings when the Halloween candy is staring you down, ensure you are loading up on protein at every eating opportunity- at least >60g per day.

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