What Is Vitamin A And Why Is It Important?

Vitamin A



Vitamin A is a vitamin that depends on fat to be absorbed. Vitamin A comes from both plants and animals. Some other names for Vitamin A from animal sources include: Retinoid, Retinol, and Retinoic Acid. When Vitamin A comes from plants, additional names include: Carotenoids and Alpha/ Beta Carotene.

Vitamin A is important for normal vision and the growth and support of our cells. This refers to reproduction, development of embryos, growth, and immune function.



When Can Vitamin A Deficiency Develop?

Aside from weight loss surgery, risk factors for low Vitamin A levels include:


·      Low intake of fat in the diet

·      Poor calorie / protein intake

·      High weight loss after surgery (less fat in the body)

·      Active pneumonia

·      Long-term kidney infection


What Are the Common Symptoms of Deficiency?

·      Blindness

·      Poor nighttime vision

·      Dry, scaly, or thickened skin

·      Taste changes

·      Poor wound healing

Where Can You Find Vitamin A?


Vitamin A is found in eggs, dairy products, meat (especially liver), and oily salt-water fish. It is also found in bright yellow and orange plant sources as well.


Check Your Supplement!


Vitamin A interacts with calcium, calcium carbonate, and Orlistat. Be sure you are spacing out your supplements and medications appropriately throughout the day.


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