Support Group Call 12/29/2021


Gail, Alicia, Dianna, Jill, Nicole, Kourtney, Coach Michelle, Coach Maggie, Coach Kate


  • Coach Maggie
  • Banana changes in 2022
  • Michelle Rodgers
  • Natalie Stephens
  • Andrea Frey
  • Jeff Davis
  • Tech/ Rizza 

Break-out group ideas

  • Time since surgery (<1 year / > 1 year)
  • Type of surgery
  • Medical education
  • Back on track
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Binge eating / under-eating   

Name of weekly / monthly newsletter:

  • Monkey Business**
  • Banana Babble
  • Diary of a wlss (weight loss surgery SURVIVOR)
  • Banana squeaks
  • Peel of information banana Rama    

Member spotlights:

  • Jill Kail
  • Julia Cribb
  • Alicia Lee

Nutritional topics:

  • Food temptation
  • Regain
  • Being stuck at the same weight
  • Motivated to exercise
  • Eating too much, too fast
  • Portion size (and eating to not waste food)
  • Is it better to become vegan or vegetarian?
  • Healthier replacement for junk food
  • Healthier substitutions in recipes (ie: greek yogurt for mayo in chicken salad)
  • Timing of certain foods, drinks, or vitamin intake to maximize absorption


Accountability Assignment:

1. What is your ONE WORD for 2022?

2. What is your most important health goal for 2022 (aside from the number on the scale), and WHY is that important to you?

Post your response HERE.

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